When renovating, constructing, or decorating a home, naturally, you’ll get a lot of dust and dirt left behind. At Limpiezas Express, we can quickly connect you with a team of professional after-builder cleaners, who specialise in cleaning homes, in just one day, after there has been work done.

We provide the cleaners a comprehensive service which includes all of the necessary materials, equipment, tools and cleaning service professionals to offer an integral solution.

Below is a summary of our standardized cleaning task-list which our professional collaborators will carry out.

This is our default list, but we understand that you may have special requirements and therefore will always be given the option of providing us with your own task-list and be able to see free online estimate for your specific needs.

  • Deep clean of the skirting boards

  • Deep clean of the doors and door-frames

  • Deep clean of the window frames and window sills

  • Deep clean of the light switches and sockets

  • Deep clean of the radiators


Kitchen Cleaning

kitchen cleaning

The operators clean the inside/outside of the kitchen cupboards, windows, oven, microwave, dishwasher, and refrigerator. They wipe down the countertops, any excess frost in the freezer, the skirting boards, door frames, and radiators. The grease from the hob/grill will get eliminated. The floors will be swept and mopped, the sink will get washed thoroughly, and the window ledges will be wiped down to perfection.

Hallway and Living Room Cleaning

hallway and living room cleaning

If necessary, the cleaners will vacuum and mop the living room/hallway spaces. They clean all of the surfaces such as the mirrors, tables, pictures, skirting boards and door frames. The team of cleaners will eliminate cobwebs, clean the windows from the inside and dust/wash the window sills/frames as well as remove any litter left behind.

Bedrooms Cleaning

bedrooms cleaning

Professional cleaners will vacuum and mop the bedrooms and if necessary, clean the mirrors. Remove the litter and cobwebs. Clean the inside of the windows as the ledges and windowsills. Finally they will get inside the cupboards and wardrobes and leave them spotless.

Bathroom Cleaning

bathroom cleaning

The bathroom floors as well as the toilet will be scrubbed and disinfected. The cleaning operators will leave the bath and shower, along with their doors and tiles pristine. The sink and countertops will get scrubbed down and the windows, mirrors, skirting boards and door frames cleaned.

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Im very happy with the service and im definitely recommend it to someone looking cleaning on a new apartment or after construction.

They are very like into detail they really go into the corners I will definitely recommend them and its very well organized.