We have a special section for carpet cleanings in Spain because, although they are “household garments”, they have unique characteristics and therefore require special care. Carpets can be made of many different materials and if you want to keep them in good, long-lasting condition, you should take care of them as if they were personal garments that we use daily.

We recommend, depending on how much they’re used, you perform a thorough cleaning of your carpets at least once a year. This way you’ll have a cleaner, healthier atmosphere in your home by getting rid of mites, bacterias, and other organisms that can cause harm and go unnoticed within your furniture, especially in Spain where dust seems to prevail in every corner of the house.

If your carpet ever gets stained by anything seriously damaging like food, drinks, or animal waste, take care of it as soon as possible. Passive damage like time, exposure to sunlight, or weight/friction combined with avoidable harm like stains or tears can lead to a complicated cleaning process.


What are the steps?

Although each situation is different and you can modify it however you like, below you will find our standardized procedure we relay to the professional carpet cleaning team sent to your home:

  1. First, they vacuum your sofa or armchair with a high-quality HEPA vacuum cleaner. The filter in the vacuum retains particles less than .3 microns wide which allows it to vacuum while also removing mites and excrements.
  2. Then, a liquid solution containing disinfectants for the remaining organisms and dust mites in the furniture is applied manually or mechanically.
  3. Next, depending on the case, the sofa or armchair is vapor cleaned and batted with special machinery intended for household textiles that will not harm the sofa or armchair.
  4. After letting the sofa or armchair rest for a few minutes, it is rinsed with water and vacuumed by another specialized vacuum cleaner intended for water.
  5. It is then let to air-dry for 12 to 24 hours depending on the season.
  6. You’re furniture is now clean!

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Im very happy with the service and im definitely recommend it to someone looking cleaning on a new apartment or after construction.

They are very like into detail they really go into the corners I will definitely recommend them and its very well organized.