The legal definition of eviction according to Merriam Webster, goes as follows, The dispossession of a tenant of leased property by force or especially by legal process.”  This often comes from the lack of rent payment or any other breaches of contract.

The number of evictions in Spain has dramatically increased in recent times. As you’d expect with an eviction in Spain, there is often a great deal of tension between both parties. It is not rare that the tenant will leave the property in very poor conditions when evicted. Often, furniture such as sofas, lamps, windows, doors and even toilets get destroyed.

Limpiezas Express understands these circumstances very well and is why we are often recommended for eviction cleanings in Spain. Our cleaning collaborators are professional and efficient.


Thorough Eviction Cleaning Services 

Limpiezas Express has the knowledge, connections, tools, and technology to handle these types of situations in a short period of time. We offer any of the following services based on your needs:

  • From your accumulated objects our cleaning collaborator’s work as best they can with you in selecting which ones of those objects will be kept, taking into account their intrinsic value. For example books, jewellery, money, fine china, photos, etc, will have a higher priority.

  • They dismantle furniture such as kitchen appliances, lamps, armchairs etc.

  • They remove/empty junk and accumulated garbage.

  • If necessary, they will displace items and transport them to another place for storage. This can be a friend’s house, a garage, a warehouse, or even a pawn shop.

  • The house or apartment will be cleaned thoroughly.

  • They sanitize and disinfect objects with our specialized products.

  • If there are any damaged things such as door frames, hinges, glassware, sockets, lighting fixtures etc, they repair them.

  • Finally, if you wish, we can send a team of painters to the home for a fresh paint job. We also work with trustworthy renovation companies if you like to consider a renovation job.

Through us, you’ll be able to make good use of this home within a short period of time. All you have to do is fill out an online form and wait no more than 48 hours for your personalized estimate.


Probably The Best Home Cleaning Services Company

Im very happy with the service and im definitely recommend it to someone looking cleaning on a new apartment or after construction.

They are very like into detail they really go into the corners I will definitely recommend them and its very well organized.