Whether it be psychological or economic, landslide damages can take a huge toll on people and at Limpiezas Express we understand this.

  • We work well with insurance companies to help with the economic situation.
  • We’ve learned that psychological rehabilitation can start with a well performed cleaning of the damage. As people see the problem getting solved, optimism comes to light. That is our goal for you.

Thorough Landslide Damage Cleanings in Spain: What will be done?

We offer the following landslide damage control services in Spain:

  • We know the best tipper truck services ready to hire and remove any damaged objects is necessary.

  • The cleaning teams don’t simply gather everything and throw it out. They search and classify the objects that can be cleaned or reused. This includes valuables such as hard disks, USB drives, computer memory, jewellery, documents, etc.

  • The cleaners don’t simply remove items, but provide a professional cleaning to the premises as well. They remove any waste from the home. Things such as dirt and soot can be especially hard to remove from the walls, furniture or any other porous surfaces. They get stuck in these places and over long periods of time breathing these substances can cause health problems.

  • If necessary, we offer a painting service as well.

fire damage cleaning
fire damage cleaning services

If the premises are in need of any reforms, we can provide many reliable suppliers which can help. Through us, the goal is for you to be able to make good use of your home again within the shortest possible period of time.

Probably The Best Home Cleaning Services Company

Im very happy with the service and im definitely recommend it to someone looking cleaning on a new apartment or after construction.

They are very like into detail they really go into the corners I will definitely recommend them and its very well organized.

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